Cold Storage

Cold Storage in Malaysia

Beginning in the 1896, Cold Storage has extended its reach to the Federated Malay States comprising of Selangor, Perak, Pahang and Negeri Sembilan. Rapid changes occurred with the clearing of forest and rubber estates taking its place to meet the worldwide demand for the Malayan rubber. Along with these changes, civilization also improved when the completion of the Johore railway in 1909, thus making it possible for transporting fresh food in refrigerated carriages to as far as Prai, in the northern areas. The augmentation of transportation increased further when the Causeway was completed in 1923, increasing the publics interest in obtaining fresh food and products.

The two immediate states in the Federal Malay States that benefited from the completion of the Causeway were Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh. In November 1909, the first class Empire Hotel was established and it served cuisines under European supervision. With Cold Storage already present, the hotel had no problems what so ever in getting food or product supplies.

The subsequent year, a retail branch of Cold Storage was opened by The Company along McArthur Street owned by the Straits Trading Company. Not too long after that, the piece of land along the river bank was bought over and converted into the first Cold Storage cold store for holding bulk supplies. In September 1909, K.A Stevens and Fred Heron arrived in Ipoh to pioneer Cold Storage to a tin-mining town.

Their idea was to have a retail and wholesale depot, complete with a cold storage chamber capable of holding five tons of frozen meat and products.

Over the next few years after the tin-mining town idea got a kick start, Cold Storage established branches in Klang, Penang, Taiping and Telok Anson. As our history permits us to know, we had European settlers in Malaysia already during that point and the arrival of fresh meat and products from countries like Australia was very popular and supported. By 1932, Cold Storage could be called a well established company. By this time, the reliability and presence of Cold Storage was already in most Malayan towns whether it was at the north part of Malaya like Kuantan or to the south like Johore.

Cold Storage has now opened 17 operational stores to this date.

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