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Five Easy Recipes To Try This Christmas

Five Easy Recipes To Try This Christmas

Looking for simple Christmas recipes to sweep your guest off their feet? Try these five simple recipes that are not just easy to make, but is sure to make your party a favourite among family and friends!  


1. Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bites

An incredibly easy candy idea for the holidays, Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bites are the perfect treat for any sweet tooth. With only 22 minutes of preparation time, pack them into a clear mason jar to make a chic festive gift, or serve them as a snack during your Christmas Netflix binge! Read the full recipe here.


2. Rudolph Cookies

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer…. Had a very edible nose!

Using ingredients such as frosted cookies, Nilla wafers, pretzels, alongside red and white M&M’s (for the nose and eyes), these Rudolph cookies will be the cutest thing that you have ever made! Feel free to opt for store-bought frostings to make your baking experience easier!


3. Peppermint Hot White Chocolate (Slow cooker required)

Creamy and ever-so-decadent, Peppermint White Hot Chocolate is the perfect way to stay warm on a chilly night. Topped with whipped cream and crushed candy canes for the ultimate peppermint experience, try it with our detailed guide here.


4. Buttery Shortbread Cookies

Using only 3 key ingredients of salted butter, light brown sugar and all-purpose flour, this delicious melt-in-your-mouth recipe can easily be dressed up or down. Ideal for visiting guests, these shortbread cookies melt in your mouth, bursting with flavour! Try the recipe here.


5. Salted Caramel Brownies

Fit for all dietary preferences, this gluten-free and vegan recipe is perfect for Christmas parties. A good alternative to the customary Christmas pudding recipe, the brownies are topped with a healthy caramel sauce made from dates! Prefer a more gooey centre or a crispier edge? Just change up your baking time for the desired taste. Check out our guide to this indulgent brownies now.


Tempted to whip out your cookware yet? We’re not sure about you, but we sure are!

For all the ingredients needed in the easy Christmas recipes, be sure to drop by your nearest Cold Storage store today! 

Five DIY Decorations To Try At Home This Christmas

Five DIY Decorations To Try At Home This Christmas

As the season for gifting draws near, the pressure of Christmas shopping similarly intensifies. From multiple trips to the grocery store to making hard decisions on the perfect gift for each family member, the planning that goes into a festive celebration is no easy feat. With all the stress that goes into making the festive season a truly jolly one, interior decoration should be the least of your concerns.


So take a breather and unwind with these easy, crafty decoration tips using items around your home.


Christmas Wreath

Being the first thing your guests notice, your front door wreath needs to make a statement. Opt for a Christmas wreath made from gift bows that are incredibly easy to make. All you need is a hot glue gun, bows in various colours, a circular-shaped styrofoam piece, and 20 minutes of your time! Arrange the bows to your liking, glue them down, and you’re done!


Decorative Christmas Pillows

Always envied how other people have furniture pieces that always seem to match effortlessly? Pull your living room look together by adding simple, festive upgrades to your throw pillows! Tie a ribbon around your throw pillows, and they’ll instantly look just like Christmas gifts! Got some old t-shirts on hand? Simply turn your fabric into a cute bow with some simple ‘no-sew’ ideas.


DIY Christmas Ornaments

Give your Christmas tree a heartfelt touch with personalised ornaments. A DIY activity that is sure to make for good family bonding time, let your creativity run wild with clear-glass ornament balls or drilled blank wood discs! Remind family members of the good times that you’ve had from a previous family vacation by sticking a photo from the trip, or doodle up a masterpiece on an ornament ball!


Christmas Card Display

Do you hold on to Christmas cards that are simply too sentimental or pretty to be thrown out? Turn them into decorative doorway pieces using art mat boards and a spray mount adhesive using this simple Christmas display idea :

  • Attach a card front to an art mat board using spray mount adhesive.

  • Trim to fit just a single card, or cover a large piece of mat board using multiple cards.

  • Hang the mat board over your doorway or by a Christmas tree.


Elf Boot Napkins

Thinking of a cute way to entertain your guests at the dining table? Try the Elf Boot napkin for your place settings – just follow these simple steps:

  • Fold your napkin in half (lengthwise) and fold again

  • Angle your fold to the centre to resemble a paper plane

  • Make a fold to the centre again

  • Fold your napkin in half and turn the folded edge on top

  • Turn one flap upwards

  • Turn the back flap to the front and tuck it in

  • Fold down the ‘cuff’ and pinch curl the toe


Looking for more inspirations in decorating your home this Christmas? Drop by our Cold Storage stores for more items to spruce up your interior!

3 Different Ways to Throw an Outdoor Celebration

3 Different Ways to Throw an Outdoor Celebration

Whether it’s an anniversary, a party or a gathering just because, everyone loves a good celebration. If you’re looking for ways to have a celebration that is different from the usual indoor dinner or lunch, here are four fun and creative outdoor party ideas to try out:

Backyard Forest   

Turn your backyard or garden into a fun forest with a long wooden table and chairs, tree trunk slices for coasters and green, leafy centrepiecaes on the table. Serve forest-inspired dishes such as acorn cake pops or donuts, toadstool cupcakes, salad bowls or jars and blueberry mojitos that are reminiscent of a clear blue stream in the middle of a forest. Your guests will have an endlessly fun time inspecting and exploring every forest-inspired detail at your party.

Campsite at Home

Camping will always have a classic charm, making it an ever-popular activity among friends and family. City dwellers who are looking to recreate a campsite cookout as a party can do so by incorporating popular camping treats into the menu. For example, s’mores, skewered meats and vegetables, hot or iced chocolate (elevate it with a dash of rum) and one-pot stews or soups.

Picnic, Perfected

Picnics are the definition of a simple and down-to-earth celebration. All over the world, picnics are a favourite weekend or holiday activity, perfect for those who want something fuss-free and relaxing. Have a special occasion coming up? Don’t rule out a picnic. You may be surprised at how satisfying and fun it can be. Sandwiches, salads and lemonades are picnic staples, but try taking it a step further by exploring slightly more complex dishes such as Scotch eggs, feta and olive salad, salmon sushi, cherry pie with ice cream and a healthy version of a peach cordial. You’re sure to have a picture-perfect picnic. 

Make full use of our country’s forever summer weather and take your celebration outdoors. For all the ingredients to create your outdoor adventure, head on over to Cold Storage!

Say It with Cakes: 4 Popular Celebratory Cakes

Say It with Cakes: 4 Popular Celebratory Cakes

Liven up your parties with these delectable favourites!

Cupcakes have become a party favourite in recent years, with many preferring them to regular cakes. Their popularity is often credited to how convenient, portable and pretty they are. Cupcakes are also incredibly versatile. Any colour, flavour or design you can think of has probably been created. If it hasn’t, try making it yourself for your next celebration!

Candy Cake

M&M’s cakes, Kit Kat cakes, candy corn cake… the list is never-ending. Cakes with candy or candy bars as the theme or main ingredient incorporating popular candy, makes them a winning combination for those who have a sweet tooth.           

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake still holds the top spot as the most ubiquitous and in-demand cake for celebratory occasions. From classic chocolate cakes to newer, more creative versions such as sea salt chocolate cake, bourbon-infused chocolate cake and pistachio chocolate cake, we don’t see a lot of flavours overtaking the versatile and delicious chocolate cake anytime soon.

Fruit-based Cake

Fruit-based cakes have stood the test of time, thanks to their versatility and variety. A fruit-based cake is also the cake of choice for those who prefer a refreshing and lighter taste. Contemporary fruit-based cakes have gotten more creative than their classic counterparts. From toffee apple cake, orange and Earl Grey pound cake, lemon, gin and tonic cake to strawberry and pistachio cake, you’re spoilt for choice if you have a taste for adventurous alternatives to familiar recipes such as lemon meringue cake and blueberry layer cake.

If you’re up for a great cake adventure in the kitchen, get the ingredients you need at Cold Storage and get caking!