3 Different Ways to Throw an Outdoor Celebration

3 Different Ways to Throw an Outdoor Celebration

Whether it’s an anniversary, a party or a gathering just because, everyone loves a good celebration. If you’re looking for ways to have a celebration that is different from the usual indoor dinner or lunch, here are four fun and creative outdoor party ideas to try out:

Backyard Forest   

Turn your backyard or garden into a fun forest with a long wooden table and chairs, tree trunk slices for coasters and green, leafy centrepiecaes on the table. Serve forest-inspired dishes such as acorn cake pops or donuts, toadstool cupcakes, salad bowls or jars and blueberry mojitos that are reminiscent of a clear blue stream in the middle of a forest. Your guests will have an endlessly fun time inspecting and exploring every forest-inspired detail at your party.

Campsite at Home

Camping will always have a classic charm, making it an ever-popular activity among friends and family. City dwellers who are looking to recreate a campsite cookout as a party can do so by incorporating popular camping treats into the menu. For example, s’mores, skewered meats and vegetables, hot or iced chocolate (elevate it with a dash of rum) and one-pot stews or soups.

Picnic, Perfected

Picnics are the definition of a simple and down-to-earth celebration. All over the world, picnics are a favourite weekend or holiday activity, perfect for those who want something fuss-free and relaxing. Have a special occasion coming up? Don’t rule out a picnic. You may be surprised at how satisfying and fun it can be. Sandwiches, salads and lemonades are picnic staples, but try taking it a step further by exploring slightly more complex dishes such as Scotch eggs, feta and olive salad, salmon sushi, cherry pie with ice cream and a healthy version of a peach cordial. You’re sure to have a picture-perfect picnic. 

Make full use of our country’s forever summer weather and take your celebration outdoors. For all the ingredients to create your outdoor adventure, head on over to Cold Storage!