6 Things You Can Do During Earth Hour

6 Things You Can Do During Earth Hour

The largest global movement for the environment will take place between 8.30pm to 9.30pm on the last Saturday of March (this year it’ll fall on March 30th.)  Earth Hour will see families and communities shutting down their lights to help bring attention to the impacts of climate change. Discover six activities you can do during Earth Hour:


Dinner by Candlelight

Gather a few friends together for a candlelit potluck dinner. Get creative and set up a theme so you can each bring a dish related to it to share with the group. Some neat examples you can consider are “What you will eat when the world ends”, “Foods from Harry Potter” and “Breakfast for dinner”. During this time you can eat, exchange details on what you made, drink, be merry, and even play board games!


Get Active

Gather the whole family and go for a run. Just be sure to wear some form of reflective gear to protect yourself and be “seen” in the dark. You can also plan a walk around the neighbourhood with your family and friends. Not only is walking good exercise, it also gives you a great excuse to enjoy each other’s company.


Have a BBQ!

Fire up the barbeque set for dinner with the family. Use this time to educate your loved ones about global warming and climate change as well as why Earth Hour is so important.


Get Musical

If you are musically inclined, arrange an acoustic jam session and spend the hour doing renditions of your favourite songs. We’re talking acoustic guitars, tambourines, maracas, battery operated keyboards, bongos, cajon, and any other instruments that won’t require electricity to function. Can’t play an instrument to save your life? Turn your posse into the Von Trapp Family singers with some unplugged karaoke. Just be sure to have printed lyrics ready. Alternatively you can also listen to music on an old school transistor radio.


Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Light a few candles and indulge in some me-time. Whip out the face mask, hair mask, body scrub, bath bombs – the whole shebang and use this hour to pamper yourself from head to toe. Start by drawing a warm bath. While waiting for the tub to fill, use this time to cleanse your face and smooth on the face mask. Once done, saturate your locks with a hair mask and sink yourself into the tub. Pop in a bath bomb and soak for 15 minutes. Once time is up, scrub away dead skin cells before washing the masks away and shampooing and conditioning your hair.


Set Up Camp

A great activity for kids (and adults). Pitch a tent in your backyard, front lawn, or simply in your living room. Prepare snacks such as popcorn, fruit kebabs, and hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles. Read stories to one another using candlelight or torches. If you are outdoors, lie on the ground and watch the night sky together.