Five DIY Decorations To Try At Home This Christmas

Five DIY Decorations To Try At Home This Christmas

As the season for gifting draws near, the pressure of Christmas shopping similarly intensifies. From multiple trips to the grocery store to making hard decisions on the perfect gift for each family member, the planning that goes into a festive celebration is no easy feat. With all the stress that goes into making the festive season a truly jolly one, interior decoration should be the least of your concerns.


So take a breather and unwind with these easy, crafty decoration tips using items around your home.


Christmas Wreath

Being the first thing your guests notice, your front door wreath needs to make a statement. Opt for a Christmas wreath made from gift bows that are incredibly easy to make. All you need is a hot glue gun, bows in various colours, a circular-shaped styrofoam piece, and 20 minutes of your time! Arrange the bows to your liking, glue them down, and you’re done!


Decorative Christmas Pillows

Always envied how other people have furniture pieces that always seem to match effortlessly? Pull your living room look together by adding simple, festive upgrades to your throw pillows! Tie a ribbon around your throw pillows, and they’ll instantly look just like Christmas gifts! Got some old t-shirts on hand? Simply turn your fabric into a cute bow with some simple ‘no-sew’ ideas.


DIY Christmas Ornaments

Give your Christmas tree a heartfelt touch with personalised ornaments. A DIY activity that is sure to make for good family bonding time, let your creativity run wild with clear-glass ornament balls or drilled blank wood discs! Remind family members of the good times that you’ve had from a previous family vacation by sticking a photo from the trip, or doodle up a masterpiece on an ornament ball!


Christmas Card Display

Do you hold on to Christmas cards that are simply too sentimental or pretty to be thrown out? Turn them into decorative doorway pieces using art mat boards and a spray mount adhesive using this simple Christmas display idea :

  • Attach a card front to an art mat board using spray mount adhesive.

  • Trim to fit just a single card, or cover a large piece of mat board using multiple cards.

  • Hang the mat board over your doorway or by a Christmas tree.


Elf Boot Napkins

Thinking of a cute way to entertain your guests at the dining table? Try the Elf Boot napkin for your place settings – just follow these simple steps:

  • Fold your napkin in half (lengthwise) and fold again

  • Angle your fold to the centre to resemble a paper plane

  • Make a fold to the centre again

  • Fold your napkin in half and turn the folded edge on top

  • Turn one flap upwards

  • Turn the back flap to the front and tuck it in

  • Fold down the ‘cuff’ and pinch curl the toe


Looking for more inspirations in decorating your home this Christmas? Drop by our Cold Storage stores for more items to spruce up your interior!