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5 reasons why you should drop by Cold Storage KLCC!

Greener on Our Side

Discover our extensive variety of pear-fect fruits and vegetables that are sure to appease. Orange you glad we are back?

Seafood Meat Market

Oh My Cod. They may be too good to be true, but there’s nothing fishy about our great deals. Enjoy the rich bounty of Mother Earth, with our array of fresh cuts from both land and sea.

Speciality Street

From Malaysian Delights, to the Taste of Asia and other exclusive brands. Recreate inspiring dishes of your favourites with our fantastic selection of ingredients.

Gourmet Food Hall

Our gourmet cuisines is the remedy Pho you. From sushi to baguettes, our ready-to-eat dishes inspired from all around the world will give you something to Taco-bout.

Fine Wines and Pleasant Liquors

Stop to smell the rosé and revitalise your spirits! We’ve got an even wider selection of brews to choose from.

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