Four Ways to Cook Salmon this Chinese New Year

Four Ways to Cook Salmon this Chinese New Year

Delicious, versatile and easy to prepare, salmon carries an endless list of nutritional benefits. Filled with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and an abundance of vitamins B and E, there is no reason not to opt for this fish dish this Chinese New Year. Scroll below and find out our list of four healthy ways to cook salmon this festive season.

1. Yee sang (Prosperity toss)

A must-have in every household during the lunar new year, yee sang is perhaps the most popular dish to pair salmon slices with. Bring this dish to life with a squeeze of lime juice and sesame oil over the top, and get ready to toss yourself to a year of great prosperity! Make your own yee sang dish here.

2. Smoked salmon porridge

A heartwarming comfort food perfect for the little ones in your family, this porridge dish is an easy way to introduce salmon into your child’s life. Try out this delightful, seven-ingredient recipe here.  

3. Smoked salmon temaki

A healthy roll perfect for any time of day, this temaki recipe serves up to four people, and can easily be dressed up with perilla leaf and caviar for a luxurious zest. Find out more about this dish here.  

4. Smoked salmon salad

A refreshing bite that is low in fat and quick to make, this salmon recipe serves up to two people and carries the zest of wasabi in its dressing! Light, crisp, and zesty, this dish is a perfect balance to the occasion’s hearty dishes. Learn more about this recipe.

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