Spice Up Your Pantry – A Quick Guide to Herbs & Spices

Spice Up Your Pantry - A Quick Guide to Herbs & Spices

You might not be a cooking wizard, but you can easily take your cooking flavours up a few notches with a blend of herbs and spices. Throw in a healthy mix of herbs such as mint and basil leaves, or pantry staples such as paprika and cinnamon to add depth to your food. Here are six most commonly used herbs and spices;


1. Parsley

This multi-purpose herb can be used as a pretty garnish or as a vegetable in fresh salads. Flat-leaf parsley is strongly favoured in Mediterranean cooking. Just don’t mistake parsley with coriander leaves!


2. Mint Leaves

Fresh mint leaves have an aromatic, sweet flavour that will brighten any dish. This versatile herb can be used in teas, savoury foods and sweet treats. It goes particularly well with lamb dishes.


3. Basil Leaves

The sweet and strong scent of basil leaves are closely associated with Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. The many varieties of basil leaves include the sweet basil, Greek basil and Asian varieties such as lemon basil and Thai basil leaves.


4. Ground Cinnamon

This warm, aromatic spice has a reddish brown colour and a spicy-sweet flavour. Commonly used for baking, it adds a touch of earthiness to soups, stews and curries.


5. Chili Flakes

Use the flakes of crushed red chili to spice up pastas and soup or to just sprinkle on pizzas. Adding them to any dish will increase the flavor and decrease the need for salt.


6. Oregano

Oregano has a bold flavour and is best paired with strong flavored dishes. It is a common addition to salad dressings and does much to enhance the flavour of soups, grains, bean dishes and pasta sauces.

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