Salmon Poke Asam Laksa

Salmon Poke Asam Laksa

What’s better than a warm bowl of Asam Laksa?
Total Time:  1 hour
Prep: –
Cook: –
Ingredients Serves 5

Salmon Poke:

Salmon fillet, cut into ¾ inch cubes
Soy sauce, low sodium
1/4 Cups
Japanese rice wine vinegar
1 Tsp
1 Tsp
1 Tsp
Asam Laksa
Mackerel fish
8 Cups
Asam keping, peeled tamarind
5 Pieces
Pre-cooked laksa noodles
1 Packet
Spiced Paste:
Dried red chilies, seeded
Fresh red chilies, seeded
Small shallots
2 Tsp
Lemongrass, use only the white part, about 6 inches
1 Stalk
Tamarind Juice:
Tamarind, about golf ball size
1/2 cup water, repeat 3-4 times
1 Tsp
2 Tbsp
Fish Sauce
1 Tsp
Cucumber, julienned
Mint leaves, use only the leaves
1 Bunch
Polygonum leaves/ Vietnamese mint leaves, daun kesom
1 Bunch
Bunga kantan, cut into small pieces
Red onion, sliced thinly
Red chili, cut into small slices
Small pineapple, cut into short strips

Salmon Poke:

Step 01

Salmon Poke: In a medium-sized bowl combine diced salmon, soy sauce, vinegar, sriracha and sesame oil.

Step 02

Cover and refrigerate.

Step 03

Asam Laksa: Heat a pot of water and add lemongrass, galangal.

Step 04

Bring to a boil and then add fish for 15-20 minutes or until the fish is cooked, remove fish. Sift broth to remove impurities. Leave them aside.

Step 05

Blend dried chilies, shrimp paste, turmeric, galangal, shallots and lemon grass. Add a bit of water to ease the blending process. Then, add blended ingredients into a pot of boiling water.

Step 06

Once water boils, add Vietnamese coriander and turn the heat down to let it simmer.

Step 07

Remove flesh from the fish. Discard the skin and bones. Mash half of the flesh with a fork.

Step 08

Add fish broth into soup. Increase the heat. Add tamarind paste and mashed fish. Bring to boil.

Step 09

Simmer at low heat for 20 minutes. Season with salt, fish sauce and sugar to taste.

Step 10

Rinse laksa noodles in cold water and strain.

Step 11

Place one serving of noodles into a bowl, and pour laksa soup, top with garnishing, and serve with a salmon poke!

Boil the fish together with the broth.