The Wonders of Spinach

The Wonders of Spinach

We all know that Popeye took his daily dose of spinach to get strong, but did you know that he was gaining so much more from it?

  1. Anti-cancer agent
    Spinach has at least 13 different flavonoid compounds that function as antioxidants and anti-cancer agent

  2. Daily dose of vitamin K
    Spinach contains a high amount of vitamin K which is important in maintaining bone health. One cup of fresh spinach leaves contain almost 200% of the daily value. Apart from vitamin K, spinach also contains other bone building nutrients such as calcium and magnesium.

  3. Stay smart
    Spinach has been found as helpful in protecting the brain from oxidative stress and it may reduce the effect of age related decline in brain function. A study done by the Chicago Health and Aging Project found that by eating three servings of green leafy vegetables each day you could slow mental decline caused by aging by 40%!

  4. And so much more

The list of health benefits from eating spinach could go on and on. It includes strengthening your eyesight with lutein which is a carotenoid protective against eye diseases, giving you a boost of energy with a high dosage of iron, and so much more.


Now what you should do is to make sure that spinach is a regular at the dinner table to help protect you and your family from diseases and health problems. Visit your nearest Cold Storage to shop for fresh spinach!